maanantai 21. huhtikuuta 2014

"It's a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness"

Since some of my friends has told me that they would like to read my blog if it would be in English, I decided to write in English in this time.

Right now I am having a three week training camp in Portugal. It has not been the best camp I had: in the second week I noticed something is wrong. My threshold runs did not go as I expected and I was not able to breathe normally during the workout. Almost immediately I knew that the situation was pretty similar than a year ago: I had some kind of over training problems and I had to rest.

I have been writing my Master’s Thesis during the spring and I think that was the biggest reason for the over training. I don’t remember that I would have been so mentally exhausted for a long time than I was when I gave my Master’s Thesis presentation couple of weeks ago. 

Once again, I had to admit that there were too many things to do at the same time. I thought I managed all of them, but in the end I was just too tired and nothing felt good.

However, many good things has happened as well. I am feeling better and hopefully getting back my training routines pretty soon. During this training camp I have been able to spend time with my good friends and I have also met new athletes.

It’s amazing how u learn to know your friends very well during these training camps. When you are spending many weeks together you see how they really are. You see them happy, tired, exhausted and sad. Sharing all those feelings together makes your friendship deeper than you thought it could have be.

So all in all, I am grateful for all those people I have been spending time here in Portugal, during my exchange year in United States and in Finland as well. You have taught me a lot about running, training and life as generally. You have opened my eyes to see there is always another way to do things and couple of days rest does not make you failure. Sometimes those recovery days are just the key for the success in future.

One of the best thing running has given me are the friends around me.

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