perjantai 24. toukokuuta 2013

As a foreigner in Finland

It’s raining, it’s cold (11 C/52F) and there is barely anybody on the track. No doubt where I am: I am back home, in Turku, Finland. The whole truth is not that bad. There was pretty weather when arrived to Finland and the temperature was over 70 F. My friends organized me an awesome welcome party and my staying in Finland couldn’t have started better.

However, there have been many things to get used to in Finland. I have been felt as a foreigner in my home country; Literally I have been lost. Usually, I know exactly what to buy from a grocery store or where to find nice ballerina shoes but I have spent a lot of time in a grocery store looking around and wondering what to buy – as I spend in HEB when I first arrived to Huntsville. First time when I went to a grocery store and tried to buy some bagels, I realized I am in Finland. They don’t sell bagels in an ordinary grocery store in Finland. My mum wanted to me feel home and she decided to bake them.

Furthermore, I have seen world with different eyes. When I did my first fartlek in Finland, I was wondering the amount of people jogging on the same running trail. To be honest, I think there were more than 100 people in a 3 mile loop because I passed people all the time. When I cycled for first time, I was wondered all the people who were cycling. In Finland, I am not known as a blond who cycles everywhere but I am among hundreds of people who cycle to a workplace, to shopping or to have a beer.

My running has been felt little bit fatigued due to a long flight and time difference. My massage therapist pointed out that there is swelling in my legs and that explained why my leg feels tired and got me realized that my body still need time to recover from the travelling.

Yesterday, I had a pretty good speed workout that also felt  better. It was 6*150 meters on the track and running felt little bit more relaxed. As I told you in the beginning, the weather was bad and there wasn’t anybody on the track except a shot put girl. I was thinking myself “That’s how it goes in Finland, welcome back to the reality”.

All of a sudden, there came up many kids on the track from a kindergarten. There were full of joy to run around the track and they got me smile as well. After they ran a lap, they decided to start to cheer up me. They were timing my repeats, cheering up to me and commenting my running. They made my day, and I couldn’t be without smiling after my workout. In the afternoon, I saw Minna Nummela in my easy run, and I realized that I am not alone even though I don’t have my SHSU team here in Finland.

Day by day, I am adapting better and better to live in Finland. I am working at the gym, and the job feels easy enough to ensure my full concentrating to running. Right now, I am going to met my physical therapist and get some new exercises to strengthen my body. All in all, It feels good to be here.
Taking a cold bath in my parent's place!

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