perjantai 10. toukokuuta 2013

I believe in orange

Today we headed up to Louisiana to get ready to race in Southland Conference Championships. We have been training for this meet the whole year so it is time to get a prize form working out hard; it’s time to race.

When I found out that I am the only middle distance or distance girl who is racing in this weekend, I felt little bit sad. I wish my team mates would be racing and travelling with me but unfortunately they were injured or they redshirted the outdoor season (which means that they transferred their eligibility to race in the upcoming seasons).

On the other hand, I was very happy that I was not injured and I was ready to race. I also knew that my team mates will have many races coming up in future but for me this was the last race in the orange uniform.

During this week I started to realize that I will leave from Huntsville in a week, and it made my preparing for the race little bit more difficult. Even though I just wanted to stay concentrated on the Championships, my feelings changed from happiness to go home to sadness to leave my life here in Huntsville, and especially my Bearkat team.

However, I came here to run track and now I have my most important race coming up. So I didn’t want to allow anything to bother my race and tried to stay in a positive mood. My last workout also went well, so I knew I my fitness point was going up. My workout was 2*1000m (5 k race pace), 3*300m (1500m race pace) and 3*200m (800m race pace) with 3 minute rest between each repeat. I run 1000 m repeats 3.38 and 3.33 and 300 m repeats in 52 seconds and 200m repeats less than 32 seconds, so it made me more excited for the race.

On Sunday, 1500 meters will be raced as a straight final in the afternoon because just 13 girls entered to this race due to 800m finals almost at the same time. For 1500m final, I will wear the Sam Houston uniform for the last time but I couldn’t be more proud to wear it. As I have written earlier, this team has become my second family, and I want to wish good luck to all my dear team mates! Let’s race harder than any SFA coaches have planned and enjoy this opportunity to race in the Conference Championships! Eat ‘em Up!!!

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