lauantai 6. huhtikuuta 2013

It's all about passion

Couple of years ago, we were asked to give a speech in our verbal communication course. We were free to choose whatever topic we found interesting.  A guy in my class gave a speech about passion. This guy was a former ice hockey player and he told how passion had got him to achieve many goals in his life: he was part of successful ice hockey team, he got a study place in Turku School of Economics at Turku University and many other things. He told how passion led him to work hard for those goals. He was ready to fell over himself to achieve them.

Besides he talked about passion he had experienced in his life, he talked about other things that have probably made most of the audience feel passionate during their lives. He got his audience involved, and after his speech I was so touched. It was one of the best speeches I have ever heard, and I knew that I would never forget it.

There is lot of passion in many field of life and usually passion is linked to love. While studying in the US, I have seen more passion for athletics than ever before. In the fall, the football games and tailgates before them were full of passion. People painted themselves in the color of their favorite team, everyone wore their favorite team T-shirt, and during the game you could not hear your own voice because these people were cheering up so much!

Football is a national sport for Americans, but I have seen passion for some other sport too. Before  Southland Conference Indoor Championships , I saw my coach working on Sunday afternoon with full of passion. He had indoor ranking in Mile and 3000 meter and different calculations about my possibility to score in those events. He got me convinced that I would score most in Mile. After I left his office, I thought that this guy really have to love his job because he was so excited to work on Sunday afternoon.

There is also many other examples about people who are passionate for sport. A gentleman owns a hairdresser and massage company in downtown of Huntsville. When he heard that I run track, he asked me to come his office. He showed me the medals his dad got as a track coach for the US national track and field team. He also wanted to know where and when I am racing during the outdoor season so he can come to cheer up me.

I don’t say that there is not passion for sport in Finland, but I know that people show it more open here. And I love it because I am a passionate person and everything I do, I do with my whole heart. Tonight, I will see more this passion in the track meet in our home stadium. I can’t wait to see my teammates competing to set new records. I am very excited too, because I am making my debut in 5000m!

So it’s our home meet. The weather is perfect, not too hot, but not too chilly either. The wind will probably relent for the night. So everything seems to be ready. Let’s go! Good luck Bearkats! <3

These guys don't need T-shirt, they painted it!

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